Apparel And Accessories Suitable For Skaters And Skateboarders

When it comes to sports, sometimes you need the right outfit and the right gear…

When it comes to sports, sometimes you need the right outfit and the right gear and accessories to get into the game. Aside from that reason, there is another purpose to outfitting you with the right outfits and gear.

There’s a science behind every outfit you see matched for every sport. Don’t you wonder why basketball, football or hockey players wear a different type of jersey? Sure, it helps to tell them apart, but the outfits are actually based on studies of what type of clothing affects player performance. A lot of things are the same in extreme games like skateboarding and skating. Although you’ll always see the signature casual wear worn by these extreme players, there’s a reason behind their choice of attire.

The basic outfit of skaters and skateboarders is loose clothing. The sport itself can be rigorous and is usually done under the hot sun. Wearing comfortable loose clothing will help you perform. Remember that even a hint of discomfort can affect your performance in a game. You wouldn’t want that to happen, even if you’re just casually playing at a park or somewhere similar.

To focus more on basic sports outfits, you can also be choosy with the materials used for the type of clothing you wear. In hot climates, it is better to wear clothes made of microfiber material than cotton blend clothes. This is because the microfiber doesn’t absorb moisture, which can make you feel heavy and weighed down. Microfiber clothing helps wick away sweat and moisture to keep you feeling lighter and more refreshed. Some prefer clothing made from spandex or lycra material. These types of materials offer pretty good protection from road rashes, but they don’t protect you much from falls. Another reason some skaters prefer spandex or lycra as these can be worn concealed under your loose shorts or pants giving you extra protection.

When it comes to sports, however, it doesn’t end with the discussion about the right outfit. After you have decided on an outfit, it is best to dress in protective clothing. When looking at accessories for skaters and skateboarders, the first thing you should always look at is protective gear. What protective gear should be considered first? Why not start with a good helmet? You don’t see extreme sports players doing their stuff without a helmet, do you? Of course not, because this is practically the only accessory that protects one of the most important parts of your body, your head. But you might be wondering what exactly to look for in a good helmet. What exactly makes a helmet exceptionally good?

If you’re looking to buy a helmet, be sure to choose one from a manufacturer known for their quality products. It is also best that you look for helmets that are ASTM F-1492 certified. However, note that this is not a legal requirement, ASTM is only voluntary but adds extra safety and protection. But don’t stop there because if you can find helmets that are also certified to CPSC cycling standards then this is a better choice. When you ultimately decide on a helmet, make sure it has the right fit and the chin straps are properly adjusted for your face and head structure.

As you look for protective gear, you should also consider other areas of your body likely to come into contact with hard ground surfaces and areas prone to splinters. Wearing elbow, wrist, knee, shin, and ankle guards or pads essentially covers these risk areas. Most of the time, as a skater or skateboarder, you fall while playing or even while practicing a new trick. Your body is invincible from any surface you come in contact with, especially when making bolder moves. While these guards won’t prevent you from getting into an accident, they will reduce the damage you may take and prevent you from suffering more serious injuries.

Sportswear manufacturers have now incorporated the importance of protection over comfort and performance into their designs. An example of this creation is padded shorts that you can wear as simple shorts while skating. However, instead of just being comfortable while you exercise, you will be provided with additional protection at the same time. This is a great solution for most skaters as they don’t need to constantly layer their clothes to feel confident in the game.

Of course, if you want to talk about accessories, there is one thing you cannot miss, and that is a belt bag or accessory bag. When skating and skateboarding, hands must be free to fully enjoy the sport. Keeping a belt or bag of accessories handy will keep your essentials like your MP3 player, cell phone, and even a bottle of water close at hand. But there is an alternative to the belt bag and you can achieve this by wearing wide cargo pants. You can wear these pants while skating or skateboarding and the extra pocket it has gives you the necessary space to store your belongings. Be careful not to carry anything that is too heavy. Since skating and skateboarding require both your body balance and leg dexterity, it’s best not to overload these areas.

Next time you want to go to the park or meet up with friends to skate or skateboard, think about what you’re wearing. Sportswear is more than just looking good. It is designed to protect you from injury and also improve your performance.