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Key differences between NBA vs. NFL betting

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While the two sports are worlds apart when it comes to watching the game, most...

While the two sports are worlds apart when it comes to watching the game, most sportsbooks see the two games as quite similar when it comes to betting. Bettors can predict totals, moneylines, and spreads for both sports while also allowing prop bets. Unfortunately, when it comes to US sports betting, amateurs stick with similar strategies between the two games, which can cause some severe problems. While both games may look identical on the betting slip, different schedules, rules, and point totals are very different.

Understanding the Differences between NFL and NBA Schedules

Currently, the NFL plays eight games away from home per season. In between games, the players can return home and rest with a bye week (a week they don’t play) to recover further. In comparison, the NBA participates in 41 road games, traveling continuously between games. Travel can significantly impact the circadian rhythm of individuals, along with influencing reaction time. On top of that, NFL teams will typically play one game per week, compared to three or four games played by NBA teams.

How this influences betting strategies

With such considerable time away from home, bettors should evaluate how fatigue and stress can influence gameplay. Continually assess the schedule before making a wager, particularly if you’re looking at the NBA over the NFL. There is a higher physical demand for NBA players, jumping from game to game, with minimal rest in between. Additionally, the added stress of more game time can add up over time for players.

Higher Preparation Time Before Betting

If you’re betting on the NFL, you’ll have approximately a week to research everything you need to know to make informed wagers. You’ll be able to examine lines, compare statistics, review any injury reports, and assess the matchup. Unfortunately, betting in the NBA only provides a few days to access and review the data given. That’s not to say that NBA bettors are uninformed; instead, they have less time to consider the information before making a choice.

Team Size can Make Considerable Differences

The NFL roster consists of 53 active players; the turnaround for these players can be significant, with 46 players hitting the field in any game. Players are designated to defense or offense, with no interchanging of position.

The NBA roster is typically 15 players, although ten people will play any given game. Players are expected to play both offense and defense interchangeably. There is a higher demand for players to engage in all positions on the court.

The sheer size of any NFL team may not directly influence a game, especially when considering suspensions and injuries. With three or four players out of the game, it impacts less than ten percent of the team. On the other hand, a two-player loss in the NBA can affect 13{41767989f7681a3f3f7462574348d8166572b8b066bc7ba9c6cb13c83813675a} of the team. That can bear significant influence when trying to bet on the game.

Overall Impact on Betting

While these factors may not significantly impact a game or a bettor’s odds, evaluating all statistics simultaneously makes for an educated bet. It doesn’t guarantee that a wager will prove successful, but blindly betting is a sure-fire way to lose your money. By treating the stake between NBA and NFL differently, you’ll never wind up choosing blindly.

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