July 26, 2021


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Manly fans turn on under-performing side

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MANLY fans have turned feral on their under-performing side, venting anger and frustration on social...

MANLY fans have turned feral on their under-performing side, venting anger and frustration on social media.

The Sea Eagles have lost their opening four games in dire fashion, with last night's 40-point thrashing by Penrith apparently the final straw for many supporters.

The club's biggest Facebook fan forum, The Manly Sea Eagles Supporters Group, which has nearly 30,000 members, was bombarded by disappointed fans.

Many posts were so strong they had to be 'pulled' by the moderator, but here is a selection of the angry and disillusioned fans' comments.

Josh Tracey: "Some players just are not up to first grade unfortunately."

Libby Henderson-kelly: "They should get back out training tonight."

Michael Gale: "I feel exactly the same way – train them till they are legless n sick- they have a long weekend. I'm old fashioned in that if the blokes can't deliver, train them harder not to give in. If they do then replace them n put them in State Cup. A BOLD STATEMENT HAS TO BE MADE."

Luke Monda: "Sack the Penns and get some owners who are actually around the club and wanting to spend some $$… What owners who care about the club would quickly re-sign a coach after getting belted 2 weeks in a row ?"

Jason Morris: "Poor roster adjustment but the players on the field getting paid big money need to put in the effort. If they were paid for the effort they made they'd play a lot better."

Bryce Callanan: "If I see one more interview with a Manly player when they're stating the obvious I'll have seizure. Des needs to make changes and the club should apologise for their woeful performances."

Norman Hindy: "Bring back Toovey. He would show them Courage and Commitment with Pride in the Jersey."

Andrew Bendall: "They are a bunch of brain dead and spineless nobodies, they should not be wearing our jersey."

Manly has never won the wooden spoon – but look a big chance to do so in 2021 judging by the first four rounds.

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